Betting on NFL Games

If you want to wager on NFL games in 2021, you must first learn NFL odds, fundamental bet kinds, and how to utilize sportsbooks. Find below some summaries of NFL bets you may make this season using our live data recommendations.

pts spread

For fans of underdog stories, betting against the spread is a logical evolution from moneyline betting. You will profit if the team wins or loses by less than the point spread. This is perhaps the most common bet type in the NFL, enabling you to focus on offensive and defensive statistics.

Totals (up/down)

Betting the over/under is not the same as predicting the winner. You may wager on whether the total number of points scored in a game will be above or under the point total established by the bookmaker. When betting on totals, it’s important to look at previous head-to-head results to see how the teams have performed.


NFL moneyline bets are the most popular among newbies. The underdog is the best moneyline bet, particularly as the season progresses and form, standings, and injuries become more important. Betting heavily on the underdog is risky unless you know something the bookie doesn’t.

NFL futures bets are ideal for long-term investors. Unless you choose an underperforming team to win, the sooner you put futures bets, the better the value. A club to win their division, reach the playoffs, or even the Super Bowl is a popular futures bet in the NFL.


In the regular season, players’ performance is emphasized above coach’s performance, but Super Bowl prop bets are based on Gatorade color. Prop bets include markets like First Touchdown Scorer, Wide Receiver Receiving Yards, and Quarterback Passing Yards. You would wager on whether the player would reach the total specified by the sportsbook.


Choosing several moneyline bets across various NFL games is straightforward. But you may combine markets to extend your bet slip and improve odds. Take a look at our schedule to find advantageous matches and win a parlay this season.

NFL Betting Live

Live betting is huge in the NFL because of the numerous opportunities to gamble on the next drive or play, player performance, or other prop bets. A cash-out (buy-out) option allows you to settle your wager early at a discounted fee. On-field movement of the line is determined by the time on the clock, score, and game momentum.

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